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Jan 29 '14

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Apr 25 '12

CreativeJS for non-coders (by Seb Lee-Delisle) is a fascinating video demo of “learning to code the visual way”. Lovely!

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Mar 29 '12

CodeBook, an interactive programming environment


CodeBook is an interactive programming environment I developed to make coding a little more fun by improving feedback and interactivity.  It was originally developed in 24 hours for the HackU programming competition. The idea was inspired/stolen from a fantastic talk by Bret Victor titled “Inventing on Principle”. 

You can play with Codebook, or check out its source on Github; please help make it better!

Very cool! With a few more comments explaining what each variable is doing/changing to make the code slightly less mysterious, this could be a fantastic jumping-on point for beginning programmers.

Found via Life and Code, a great blog on learning to program.

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Jan 25 '12

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