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Jul 25 '12

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Mar 22 '12

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Feb 20 '12

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Aug 25 '11
A change of titles — a new Chairman here, a CEO there — won’t transform the way today’s Apple works and makes money. Yet we, the community, are inclined to taking this on a personal level, because let’s face it — a little part of the Apple fan in us died today. Not because of the sadness, the desperation, or the aforementioned predictions of Apple’s upcoming “problems”. Not even strictly because Steve Jobs is a geek’s favorite hero and it’s sad to see him “go”. It’s a much more subtle feeling running through the veins of the Apple community. It’s that feeling of times changing, of you and your friends growing older and perhaps with a better understanding of things — it’s watching what you took for granted be upgraded to something new you think will be fine eventually, but you’re still not completely used to.
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